About Us

Canada Place Child Care Society (CPCCS) is a non-profit society governed by a board of directors made up primarily of parents of children who attend the daycare. We can care for up to 80 children in six rooms.

CPCCS has provided quality child care in Edmonton for more than 25 years. Our day care is provincially licensed and accredited. For more information please see our Parent Handbook and Parent Code of Conduct.

CPCCS gives priority to federal government employees for child care spots.

At Canada Place Child Care Society, we aim to cultivate a community of support for the children in our care. Our goal is to see staff, parents and volunteers all contributing to a fun and nurturing environment to provide the highest quality of early learning.

Our mission at Canada Place Child Care Society is to be a non-profit daycare that provides care and enrichment for children of federal employees and other parents working in the downtown area. Our programming will be child-driven, focusing on the image of an “enriched” child, with great self-worth and a wealth of potential and curiosity. We encourage children to think and explore. We encourage them to navigate their own journey of learning in an environment that emphasizes respect and responsibility. We are on an ongoing quest to better our community and ourselves.

Our staff are friendly, well-trained, and up-to-date with early childhood education practices. Staff work together to provide the best care for children.

  • Each room has a minimum of two staff members at all times.
  • Float staff are available to cover breaks, staff illness, etc.

Training and Qualifications

Our goal is to have high quality caregivers that exceed the training requirements set by the provincial government.

Currently, we have:

  • 12 Child Development Supervisors who have early childhood development diplomas or equivalent level 3 certificate; and
  • 6 Child Development Assistants who have completed early childhood education courses equivalent level 1,2 or 3.

All staff have:

  • child care first aid certificates;
  • CPR training; and
  • up-to-date child welfare and police security checks.

Staff attend regular professional development opportunities to maintain their skills and learn new and different ways to teach the children.

Our daycare has:

  • six large and bright children’s rooms which are divided by age;
  • a large indoor gym with toys designed to foster gross motor development; and
  • a private outdoor playground located next to the building in a quiet area.

Many areas nearby are used for indoor and outdoor walks and outings, including:

  • Stanley Milner Library,
  • City Hall,
  • Citadel Theatre,
  • Churchill Square, and
  • the river valley.

See photos of the day care

We follow the Early Childhood Professional Association of Alberta Code of Ethics which is based on these principles:


The children are to give respect to each other as a human being. They are taught to treat all children equally and refrain from any physical punishment.


The parents are to respect the confidentiality of the information given about the children and their families. They are to share information gained about the child’s developmental process to promote growth in the family environment. They are to respect the dignity and rights of each child so they may become contributing members of society.


Staff present professional qualifications, experience and affiliations honestly. They speak or act on behalf of the organization only when authorized. They report suspected child abuse or neglect.